Menow Long lasting lip gloss review (L Reviews #1)

Hey all! Finally the first blog review that I have been excited about! So here it goes….

I choose this great product that has been making a little noise all over the internet specifically on youtube and the western part of the world. It is Menow long lasting lip gloss


 I actually received an email from an online shop I am a loyal buyer of. I was intrigued by the “low-cost”  lip gloss link and clicked it. I am and will always be on a tight budget that is why that email grabbed my attention. haha.I really wanted to have a liquid type of lipstick or lip tint for this gradient lip look I was crazy about and I wanted to try out on myself.

The truth is, I was hesitant to buy it. So before I purchased it, like most of you who are reading this, I searched the net for reviews, swatches and even vlog reviews of it. I admit I am a little paranoid with my purchases. After 3 weeks of “extensive” reading and watching I decided to purchase and try it on myself. Personally, it was not a loss for me. It is a great investment in my small but growing kikay kit. I also think this product is more of a liquid lipstick rather than a lip gloss.


Sorry for the blurry picture. My camera isnt the best. Yet. :)))

The shades I got are #26, #33, and #36. I first purchased #36 just so I could try it out for myself. It is a vibrant pink that is perfect for the look I was experimenting with that time. I did find myself wanting different shades for different looks so I bought #26 a peachy nude shade and #33 a dark red “vampire-ish” shade.

Here is my attempt at swatching the lipgloss:


All of the products I got are matte and my current favorite is #26. For the gradient korean lips I do like #36’s shade.For a darker look. #33. I have not yet tried it outside but I think this shade is best for a night look or a more seductive or mature look like for business meetings but not for a job interview.

I went out the other day with #26 applied to my lips. I was worried that it was already removed from my lips after 15 minutes because clumsy ‘ol me kind of touched my lips with a tissue while wiping my face and I saw a little color on the tissue but as I checked myself on the nearest mirror most of the color is still on my lips. Despite the commute and all the walking, when I went home around 7pm most of the color is still on my lips. The product that was removed was only at the inner part of my lips due to me eating sweet and sour sizzling tofu at my friendly carinderia (Yes, ‘coz I am ghetto like that and I like home cooking.) So I think its long lasting enough for at least 3 hours or more.

After I took the picture of the swatches on my arm I had a hard time removing the lip gloss using regular soap and water but when I applied lotion on it and used cotton(just like what I did to remove it on my lips). It was removed easily within a few seconds.

Quick TIP!

Use regular lotion to remove make up from your face. It has the same result as a make up remover and it will leave your face/ skin moisturize and soft. 😀 I use Cetaphil lotion for sensitive skin.

I have read on some blogs that it dried up their lips but for me I think it is just the sensation of the dried lip gloss on the lips. It is good to put on a layer of lip balm before applying the product on your lips but do not expect it to be as long lasting as it is. I put my lip balm after applying the lip gloss and it lasted longer. 🙂  Maybe it is just different from every person’s lips but for me it did not dry my lips.

Overall these are my Pros and Cons 😀



  • very cheap only 130php at and 149php at ensogo
  • transfer-proof
  • water-proof
  • long lasting (indeed!)
  • Wide range of colors to choose from
  • The scent: for me it had this chemical scent mixed with a typical cosmetic product scent but maybe it is just me and my preference of smell.
  • No ingredients listed on the tube (it was delivered to me as individual tube.)
  • Only has pinks, reds and nudes as colors
  • Dried up some people’s lips

I think this wraps up my first ever make-up review. I hope it has helped you in trying to find out if Menow lip gloss is the lip gloss/liquid lipstick for you.

Til next review



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