Dreaming of a baby?! (WOLM? #2)

So I do not know how to share this but last night I had this weird but very enlightening dream.

I have a baby! Yes, real life bouncing baby. O.O

What was crazier was no father was involved. I mean to say I did not see any father in my dream. It was just me and my sister taking care of my little one but I knew who the father was. I felt this sad presence as I thought of who the father was but happy to see this little bundle of pure joy.

Everything was white even what I was wearing. The baby’s face was “angelic” as what they would say but a normal looking one. At first, the baby was helpless but as time passes the baby grew but I never saw the baby awake. He/she was always asleep in my dream. My dream progresses to the baby being a little 5 year old girl (apparently I had a baby girl in my dream) but still she was sleeping by my side not talking or doing anything else.

When I woke up I felt this surge of guilt and sadness and that I wanted to go back to sleep and see the baby ‘coz I felt happy just looking at it and the fact that I had a baby of my own.

Weird right? just wanted to share.

Have any thoughts about it? does it have a meaning?

♥ L


6 thoughts on “Dreaming of a baby?! (WOLM? #2)

  1. Sounds like quite an immaculate dream! Perhaps you are experiencing some regret or guilt over not having a child as you mature? I am not sure what your personal status is but those are just my thoughts.


  2. Most of my dreams don’t seem to be at all related to my everyday life at all but, they are very stressful. I’ve heard some people try to claim that dreams have some important metaphysical meaning and they have wanted to sell me something to interpret my dreams. Personally, I’ve never seen anything to back up their claims. Dreams are likely just a way that your brain deals with unresolved issues (though I have no way of knowing for sure). It’s been my experience that seeing a sleeping child gives me a very peaceful feeling and I would love to have that dream. I’ve heard several people claim that the thoughts that they think about before they go to bed can influence what they dream about. Maybe you would like to try thinking about how wonderful that dream was right before you fall asleep several nights in a row and see what happens. Perhaps you might even want to add to the story as you fall asleep imagining that the baby’s father is very loving and supportive, living with you and about how happy that allows you to feel. I’m sure others reading your blog will be very curious as to the results of this experiment. They might even imagine themselves in a loving environment each night as they fall asleep to see if that works for them. Thanks for sharing your blog address on your about.me page,
    Steve Edler

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