Eerie sounds, heavy rain and an earthquake (L Blogs#3 and WOLM #3)

Hey all!

If you follow me on twitter I have mentioned a phenomenon that was something to blog about  I was actually hesitant to write about this because its not really that important but awareness and means to help will be brought up as this post progresses.

Let me start my story

Monday morning.

I was at Cavite that morning. The weather actually looked better than the previous day which was just very gloomy, rainy and wet. Even our little puppies were gloomy and wet.

my chico all wet outside

my Chico all wet outside 😦

Me and my sister decided to go back to Manila around 3 pm and so we did. After we settled down I decided to go out.

I am gonna skip that going out part and fast forward to

On my way home

I was walking at the streets around my apartment and this baranggay had its loud speakers on. The “tin can” quality of the sounds made it hard for me to understand what was being played and I thought it was simply safety reminders on repeat. As I listened to it carefully and slowly walked home i clearly heard that it was the residents praying the rosary. I did not know but maybe it was just the cold breeze or maybe the dark environment that made the feeling of being at the area eerie.

A call for God’s Mercy?

As I was about to take a turn to go home I asked myself why do people just pray in times of need? Why do they not do it everyday or when they are blessed and happy? Why do they pray more when they need something? One reason why I’m losing my faith in humanity. I am not religious but I was taught differently about how praying works.


So I got home, fixed my bed and was about to go to sleep when I felt nauseous. At first I thought it was just me but when I asked my siblings if it was an earthquake or I am feeling dizzy my sister told me its an earthquake. It lasted for about 10 seconds ( I assume). I kind of got scared and dizzy but i was leaning more into the dizzy part. I looked out the window to check if the people outside but they were just doing their normal activities like nothing happened. My sister then jokingly told me to just check my twitter account because she is sure someone or most of the people I follow will post that they felt the earthquake. I laughed and retreated to my bed worried that maybe another earthquake might occur while I am sleeping.

Take note of what to do during earthquakes 

  • DROP oneself to the floor  ,COVER your head by going under a sturdy table or object and HOLD ON
  • I do believe in the “Triangle of life” if near a wall or high object squat or do the embryo position near these objects but it is only a theory so do it if you have no other choice or have nothing to go under to.
  • Do not block doorways so as to quickly evacuate after the shaking is gone.
  • After the shaking is gone calmly leave the building or your house and go to the nearest open space for safety because there is always the risk of strong aftershocks after the initial shaking.

A day worth remembering

Gaia/ Mother Nature made the Philippines feel her presence. There was no major harm done in my area but the Northern part of Luzon was struck tremendously by the typhoon. If you want to help you can donate or lend a helping hand at

Philippine Red Cross :

or check the local TV networks’ charity foundations. I do not want to name all of them but I think most of you know most of those foundations.

If in need of help these are the emergency numbers

I hope these things help. 😀 and ’til next post!

Stay safe Philippines. Stay Strong PH!

There’s always a rainbow after the storm (well in our case typhoon)  😀



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