Saturday Mall sale bargain vlog (L Vlogs #3 and Reviews #6)


So today was a good day. πŸ˜€

I had the best bargain hunt at the mall since I started to mind the prices of what I buy. ahaha.


I found this hair coloring foam kit named Lolane Zcool. It is a Thai product and I paid 53PhP for the item. I even asked the saleslady thrice just to make sure of what price she told me. I thought at first it was around 200+ PhP. I think the reason why the price is that low for this product is due to the fact that it’s expiry date is near (march 2016). I bought it because it is still good since it did say march 2016 and I am in great need of a good hair color fixer since the red dye I applied faded away and my hair is starting to show my bare bleached hair. My sister calls it “mais”( corn) hair due to it’s orange/ copper tone. It’s a good thing the color the box has is a acceptable dark hair color.

As soon as I went home I tried it out and I filmed it for everyone. πŸ˜€

My review is also in the video. So don’t just stop in the middle of the video. πŸ˜‰

I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it….







Anxiety problems (WOLM? #18)

So I am in this dilemma today that I need to get an item for everyone but I am afraid of getting it by myself.

reason #1- I am scared for my security. The area where the meet-up will take place isn’t that friendly. I do not want to get into a robbery trouble or anything similar to that.

reason #2- The meetup time is either too early or too late for me and anyone to be out in that area.

reason #3- I simply am scared to be outside alone in any given time and in places that are far from my “perimeter of safety.”

I am weird, I know. I guess it is time to challenge this anxiety for the betterment of myself and others’ toy collection.


What to vlog about? (WOLM? #17)

I did made a commitment to post once a day on my blog but what I noticed in the stats I have it said I have more readers and viewers when I do a vlog. Does that mean I should do vlogging more than simple blogging?

Wouldn’t be that against the reason why I made this blog?

I do want to reach a larger audience when it comes to my reviews but I know what I am passionate about is writing.

I am fairly confused about this.

I have a big decision to make about this.



Divisoria Monday adventure, health issue and sore muscles (L Blogs #4)

Okay blogging everyday may be another commitment for me. I do hope I can commit to it. If you follow me on twitter and know me personally I am not so good with these kind of things. I don’t know why, maybe it is a traumatic experience I had when I was a child. I will never know. haha.

What I do know is writing eases the tension in my brain. Plus it makes me feel like I am talking to my friends. I am actually a self- confessed loner. I think it’s because of my slight social anxiety. I do better in written conversation than oral conversations. Even though I know my blog post rarely reach anyone. At least I have an outlet when I am feeling down, happy, angry or defeated.

Okay, enough about the emo things. πŸ˜€

As I said yesterday I wanted to show you this item I got at Divisoria.

If you are not from the Philippines let me show you what it looks like :


That is Divisoria. It is near Manila Chinatown and most Chinese businessmen and women start out their business here. It is famous for cheap wholesale items and also the sad truth is it is also a place for imitation brands/ fake items. My boyfriend is the first person who actually introduced me to shopping here. He is a fan of bootleg lego bricks. We only have a once a week escapade here. Usually we just look around for items we might buy when we have enough money for the item. Yes, this is our “date” place. Some would say it’s a bit cheap but it’s fun because there are so many unusual and sometimes weird things that you can see. Sometimes even the people are weird. πŸ˜› (racist comment. sorry)

So what’s that item that you are so excited to show us, L?

Okay, here it is…


While we were happily walking past the stalls in 999 mall this item caught my eyes. It is on my wishlist since forever. My boyfriend attempted to buy me another brand but it did not help me in my search for on fleek eyebrows at all. I did try it out ( I mean the one my bf gave me) and it only made my eyebrows become thinner and more “evil” looking. This is a bootleg/ imitation of the original etude house brow class stencils. Like the original it is also made from a flexible, soft, silicon-like material. I used it once I got home. I used the straightest stencil. My sister told me I look weird but I think I need to get used to it. I will still try the arched and the semi arched one and see what really looks best on me. This stencil only costs 35 PHP. πŸ˜€

I also saw this lip stencil also an etude house imitation. I think it is the same price.

The price made me excited to share it to everyone because I saved so much pesos.

My mother said not to patronize the Chinese items but what can I do? They sell such things and I am a sucker for it. I still have one Divisoria item that I have on my wishlist and that is a brush set. I am still in doubt if I should buy it or I should just save up for the real ones. I am still debating with myself about it.

Do you guys have something similar to Divisoria in your country? I want to know. πŸ˜‰

Yesterday, Tuesday, I was not feeling so well physically. My chest was hurting like pins are pinning on it. I told my sister and she took my blood pressure and ask me several questions. She told me I needed to mind what I eat and also do an exercise to lose some weight and to help in decreasing the risk of having a worst medical condition. I have a bad medical history. My mother told me it is probably because of my very passive lifestyle. I do admit I am struggling to make myself more active.

Fast forward to today, I searched for exercise videos on youtube that I can follow. I could not decide on cardio workout or a yoga instructional weight loss videos. I first tried the cardio workout. 10 mins in the video I could not catch my breath and could not keep up. I was sweating like pig already and felt my muscles tense up already. So I switched to the yoga video. It wasn’t as strenuous as the first instructional video but some positions were hard to follow and 20 mins in the exercise my muscles just gave up. XD So in total I was exercising for 30 mins. Not so much but its my first day.

I am going to go back to my hip hop abs routine that made me lose my belly fat 2 years ago. My muscles are sore now but tomorrow I will do my hiphop abs. ahaha.

Do you have any exercise regime that would help a beginner like me? Please tell me. I need it not for losing weight but more of for my health.

’til next post


I knew it was a dream because you told me straight to my face that you love me. (WOLM? #16)

“I fell asleep. I knew it was a dream because you told me straight to my face that you love me.”

That was what I told him earlier. It is true. He rarely said those 3 words to me out of the blue or “just cause” he feels that way.

I wonder. Is he that numb or does he really even love me?

“words are not enough to express my feelings for you” isn’t really a good excuse knowing that I firsthand heard him say it to another person on the phone.

I guess this is my fate. I just have to accept that no one will ever love me the way I think I deserve to be loved.

Maybe just maybe I am the numb one. I actually am confused now.

I am actually getting used to be alone. Used to not seeing you on a regular basis.

I guess I now know acceptance. Accepting that no matter what I do it will never be enough for you to feel the way you feel about her to me.

Staying with me shows you love me? I do admit I understand you with that.

I have a life I need to fix is your excuse to me. I have heard that before. I guess this life decision actually messes everything up.

I never told you. I had that idea it is.

He didn’t had the patience to wait for 2 more years to be with me. I would have chosen a 4 yrs course but I knew in myself that I wanted to be a doctor and that my parents think I will be a good doctor. I denied such praises and words. I choose dentistry….. because

  1. Β  I will be called a doctor.
  2. Β  It was 4 years shorter than medical school.

not knowing what lies in my future I moved forward with it. I never knew I would loathe it the more I studied about it. I quit. I was about to take another course.

Then I met you.

I said to myself maybe just maybe dentistry is for me like you gave a pep talk to me which I believe. You told me you will help me through it all. At first you did but I guess when I started to like it again you distanced yourself from me. I thought everything was okay. I wish you just left me that time. I mean leave as in never talk to me anymore because at the end of the day you knew id pick you over it. Isn’t the pain of knowing I am the second girl enough to tell you that I am a keeper and that I also want to have my own life you could be proud of? You had to up the challenge by bringing in another girl to make my already 0 self-respect and self-confidence into a -100.Β  Why? Why do you do that? then you wonder why I am this demented and in layman’s term “crazy”. Pressure.

Leaving me now? its already too late. I already done everything you wanted me to be. I am now depended on you.

Frustrated because of me? Look at yourself first. Maybe I got frustrated first before you ever did to me. It is hard to wait for something that you know won’t happen. Maybe just maybe I gave up earlier than you because I didn’t see any good future in my life. I didn’t see anything positive. You still have positive portions of your life.

I am drifting away,yes, because you already made me feel you do not need me in your life. You can handle yourself better without me. Why did you get me in the first place? You already have what you have now. Isn’t that enough before? She hurt you? then why didn’t you just tell her what you told to me when I was acting like her? Isn’t it now she is proving to you her worth or her sacrifices in your relationship?

I know you see it now. I will forgive you for hurting me but please…please don’t do what you did to me to anyone anymore when she hurts you again. Be patient with her. You lost your patience that is why you have a Lulu. Understand her. You closed your mind and acted selfishly when she hurt you that is why you kept finding attention from Lulu. We know you were lonely but keep in mind she also was lonely and sad about the situation. She never planned any of what happened. Lulu understands both sides. She just wanted you two to be okay and happy. Despite her being unhappy herself.

Lulu knew this time will come that things will go back to the same when you two have not met each other. It is inevitable because she does not have any control over that part of her life. That’s why she agreed on keeping you company for the time being. Now she sees it is all going better now. She is also hurt, yes, she already fell in love with you, which she told herself not to just to find out later that she agreed with your arrangement because she already loved you that time but did not want to sacrifice that special relationship just because of that feeling. She is sorry. Very sorry that she cannot control her own feelings for the sake of someone she knew loves you the same as she did and that can give you what you dreamed of for your wife.

I guess now I have to pick up broken pieces of me again. Start all over again. I do not want to point fingers at anyone anymore because like you told me it is my own life and it is my own goddamn decisions and problems. I have to pick it up myself. I do not need any help and it’s obvious no one cares or they have their own lives to deal with. Why bother them with my own problems and life decisions?


iWhite Korea products review (L Reviews #5)

I have seen countless of youtube videos about these products and later on realized that these are inexpensive for this kind of merchandise. Most though have not followed up if they are still using it.

Random ramblings #1: IMHO, I think they do not use them after the video or have used them for only a short amount of time. Given they have that much youtube followers and revenue to buy another moisturizer and make-up base/ facial cream for their faces. I am not saying I won’t be doing the same if given a chance.

Okay, lets all move on.

Products to be reviewed:

iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizer and Facial Cream both with Whitening Vita


If you are a sucker for cute packaging, like me , it is designed for you. What do you expect from a Korean brand? They are experts in cute packaging.

Price:Β  Both products are in the 15-20PhP range. They are also selling larger tube packaging of these cuties that costs around 175-180PhP.

What it says in the packaging…

Aqua Moisturizer

iWhite Whitening Vita Aqua Moisturier is a unique water-based moisturizer that deeply hydrates your skin with its natural non-greasy formula. It leaves a cool, oil-free and refreshing feeling on your skin after application.

Facial Cream

iWhite Whitening Vita Facial Cream is an all-around face cream with natural active ingredients that give you three essential benefits for a complete day care protection:

  • Whitening- with Mulberry Extract to evenly whiten skin.
  • Dual UV Protection- with Titanium Dioxide to protect skin from the harmful UV rays that causes cellular damage and premature aging.
  • Makeup base- with Panax Ginseng and Vitamins A,C, & E to shield skin from free-radical damage while leaving it silky smooth so your makeup sets perfectly on your skin.

Both products have listed down it’s active ingredients and other ingredients. The expiration, manufacturing dates and batch number are also printed on the packaging. It also shows that it is made in Korea.

Contains carcinogenic substance?

While I was reading the ingredients I couldn’t help but wonder what Titanium Dioxide is. It is an unfamiliar set of words for me even though I actually have a little background regarding all those elaborate chemical names, dental and medical terms. I have never heard of it and do not even notice that it seem to be a staple ingredient in cosmetics.

What I read in some articles is that Titanium Dioxide is used for UV protection but regarding it being a carcinogen is not yet proven. I am not saying that it is totally good. Let us just say that it is harmful when used in an excess amount or if processed or made improperly due to impurities that comes with it.

Random ramblings #2: Do not be scared of big words. It’s either something to make the product look high-end, professional or some intricate term used to make one sound smart. I know because I was taught to sound like a know it all when I was in college by saying “sodium hypoclorite” instead of common bleach (i.e Zonrox , Clorox, etc.) and “sodium chloride” instead of simply calling it table salt. Yes, the list goes on and on. So trust me on this , okay?Β 

Moving on……

How the products feel on my face.

The Aqua Moisturizer did not disappoint me on the cooling effect. It does do it’s job well. Being water-based is another plus point for me because it did not leave my face feeling greasy or oily after putting the product on my face. What I also noticed is that it made my skin fairly smooth after 2-3 days of using it, as suggested, day and night. They also suggested that one can use it as needed but I do not think it is advisable to put within the day if you are in school or in the office and have makeup on. Unless you have time to wash your face, apply the moisturizer and re-apply your makeup. Why not?

I do think on a hot day this is helpful if you are like me who only puts powder and a lip product on her face. I do wish they would come out with some affordable facial mist or something similar to this product that will be helpful in this oven-like heat we are experiencing in Manila.

Overall it did not disappoint me. The Aqua moisturizer has done justice to what it said it can do.

What about the Facial cream?

It really lived up to the makeup base part. I actually had a better and smooth application of my makeup and it also looked more polished than me using my ‘ol reliable primer. It did not cake up my foundation. I also did not experience any heavy or greasy feeling after I applied the product on my face.

A little goes a long way with this product because it masks your face in a white substance. Unless you like the effect of your face looking like you put too much Johnson and Johnson’s baby/loose powder on. I suggest if you are a Morena , like most Filipinas naturally are, take it easy on putting this product on your face. A small pea size amount would be good enough. Take it from me. I had a hard time blending this product out when I put too much of it on my face. I looked like a geisha not a kpop star. haha.

In all fairness, this product also did not disappoint me besides the product leaving my face like a geisha if not used with the proper amount. I will have to update you on it’s whitening promise but I sure hope it is not the “leaving the face with a white mask” effect. It is ,for me, great for it’s affordable price.

These are all my thoughts about the products but I will surely continue to use them and will update you on what happens after using the products for a while. Originally I wanted to share an item I found while frolicking at Divisoria but this post is already too long to add that up. I will be updating you more often ,hopefully everyday, as I want to share more of my thoughts and daily activities with you. πŸ˜€

Don’t forget to check my youtube channel. I already have 2 videos up.

I regularly update my blog about how I am feeling rather than reviews. I hope you are not bored with it. If you have any suggestions, questions, complaints or queries about my posts do not be shy to post a comment down below. I will be happy to answer it and I promise I do not bite. πŸ˜€


Β L’s Note with β™₯ : I am still contemplating on making a vlog about this topic. I find myself stuttering too much when I was shooting a video for this. I am sorry to disappoint anyone. I have not been feeling extra well since last week. I hope you can understand.

Reading my days away? (WOLM? #15)


I should have a routine book reading hour or day.

I have downloaded countless ebooks and have a handful of books on hand. Some are slightly boring to read. Just like that Dracula sequel I was trying to read and finish but I couldn’t put myself into reading it. (Yes, it was that boring)

Self-help books? The last self-help book I read is “Why men love bitches”


It didn’t really help me that much because I was dealing with a “special” type of man. Either way I think I should re-read

this book again. I might get myself a copy of “Why men marry bitches” I’ll think about th

at very well. I did download some today to help me with my search into finding what would make me feel positive about my life. I will start reading these two:



I know self-help books are only guides and boost into becoming a better person. That’s why its called self-help. You still need to help yourself. haha.




I am actually interested in finding a book that covers depression and anxiety. Do you guys have any reading suggestions?

As I click myself away into finding a site I can get my stashes I stumbled upon the Goodreads free downloads section. I saw this novel/fanfiction based on the Magical world of Harry Potter. It looks to me like a prequel of the JK Rowling bestseller book. It is about James Potter’s own adventures. It is also a book series.

Should I take my time to read this?


What do you guys think? Should I read these books? Do you have any suggestions what I should sink my literary mind into?

‘Til next blog! πŸ˜€


Skincare routine (L Vlogs #2)

So I made another youtube video and it’s about my “skincare routine”. Truth is I don’t have any but I mentioned what I used on my face to take care of it from the harsh cosmetic chemicals. πŸ˜€

Here it is:

Hope you enjoyed watching and thank you for keeping up with the bad lighting and the editing. I am still trying to grasp how things work in the “online media” world. :)))


Chasing Pavements (WOLM? #14)

Yes, this is a song title of the popular song of Adele but have you guys ever had this feeling that when you hear the song it just goes straight to your heart or you simply say “I totally understand the song meaning.”

I have been alone the last few days and I realized things about my relationship.

According to urban dictionary Chasing pavements mean:

“A fruitless activity. Trying to achieve something that is destined to failure, usually as a result of blind hope. ”

I feel exactly what this meaning is saying. Yes, when I am alone I am totally confused with the situation.

I can’t stop asking myself and I know you might be thinking of asking it.

Am I happy?

My answer:

I am happy with you. I am happy you are with me but I am unhappy with the situation we are in and I don’t know how to make myself happy about it. I am sorry.



First youtube video (L Vlogs #1)


I decided to make a youtube video for my make-up collection. To help you in requesting what products I should review. πŸ˜€

Here it is…

I hope you guys like it. I know I’m not good at talking in english. It’s my second language. Pardon my grammar errors.

‘Til next post or youtube video πŸ˜‰


β™₯ L