deep thoughts (WOLM? #12)

Is this worth all of this?

I don’t know anymore. ‘

Why do you do this to yourself?

Don’t you deserve better?

Why do you lie to yourself saying it’ll all be better one day?

But after 4 years it’s still the same.

Should you wait a little bit longer or should you just give up? which he told you you’re good at.

We both are tired. Isn’t it time for us to move on with our lives or wait for the perfect time,again.

When is the perfect time? When we are 70 years old?

When we are both free from whatever is pulling us apart?

Maybe it’s not solely you.

you have good understanding but this is already my limit.

We all have limits.

I am already at my limit.

Happy Anniversary.

I hope you sleep well tonight. I think you will. You always do.



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