Chasing Pavements (WOLM? #14)

Yes, this is a song title of the popular song of Adele but have you guys ever had this feeling that when you hear the song it just goes straight to your heart or you simply say “I totally understand the song meaning.”

I have been alone the last few days and I realized things about my relationship.

According to urban dictionary Chasing pavements mean:

“A fruitless activity. Trying to achieve something that is destined to failure, usually as a result of blind hope. ”

I feel exactly what this meaning is saying. Yes, when I am alone I am totally confused with the situation.

I can’t stop asking myself and I know you might be thinking of asking it.

Am I happy?

My answer:

I am happy with you. I am happy you are with me but I am unhappy with the situation we are in and I don’t know how to make myself happy about it. I am sorry.




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