Divisoria Monday adventure, health issue and sore muscles (L Blogs #4)

Okay blogging everyday may be another commitment for me. I do hope I can commit to it. If you follow me on twitter and know me personally I am not so good with these kind of things. I don’t know why, maybe it is a traumatic experience I had when I was a child. I will never know. haha.

What I do know is writing eases the tension in my brain. Plus it makes me feel like I am talking to my friends. I am actually a self- confessed loner. I think it’s because of my slight social anxiety. I do better in written conversation than oral conversations. Even though I know my blog post rarely reach anyone. At least I have an outlet when I am feeling down, happy, angry or defeated.

Okay, enough about the emo things. πŸ˜€

As I said yesterday I wanted to show you this item I got at Divisoria.

If you are not from the Philippines let me show you what it looks like :


That is Divisoria. It is near Manila Chinatown and most Chinese businessmen and women start out their business here. It is famous for cheap wholesale items and also the sad truth is it is also a place for imitation brands/ fake items. My boyfriend is the first person who actually introduced me to shopping here. He is a fan of bootleg lego bricks. We only have a once a week escapade here. Usually we just look around for items we might buy when we have enough money for the item. Yes, this is our “date” place. Some would say it’s a bit cheap but it’s fun because there are so many unusual and sometimes weird things that you can see. Sometimes even the people are weird. πŸ˜› (racist comment. sorry)

So what’s that item that you are so excited to show us, L?

Okay, here it is…


While we were happily walking past the stalls in 999 mall this item caught my eyes. It is on my wishlist since forever. My boyfriend attempted to buy me another brand but it did not help me in my search for on fleek eyebrows at all. I did try it out ( I mean the one my bf gave me) and it only made my eyebrows become thinner and more “evil” looking. This is a bootleg/ imitation of the original etude house brow class stencils. Like the original it is also made from a flexible, soft, silicon-like material. I used it once I got home. I used the straightest stencil. My sister told me I look weird but I think I need to get used to it. I will still try the arched and the semi arched one and see what really looks best on me. This stencil only costs 35 PHP. πŸ˜€

I also saw this lip stencil also an etude house imitation. I think it is the same price.

The price made me excited to share it to everyone because I saved so much pesos.

My mother said not to patronize the Chinese items but what can I do? They sell such things and I am a sucker for it. I still have one Divisoria item that I have on my wishlist and that is a brush set. I am still in doubt if I should buy it or I should just save up for the real ones. I am still debating with myself about it.

Do you guys have something similar to Divisoria in your country? I want to know. πŸ˜‰

Yesterday, Tuesday, I was not feeling so well physically. My chest was hurting like pins are pinning on it. I told my sister and she took my blood pressure and ask me several questions. She told me I needed to mind what I eat and also do an exercise to lose some weight and to help in decreasing the risk of having a worst medical condition. I have a bad medical history. My mother told me it is probably because of my very passive lifestyle. I do admit I am struggling to make myself more active.

Fast forward to today, I searched for exercise videos on youtube that I can follow. I could not decide on cardio workout or a yoga instructional weight loss videos. I first tried the cardio workout. 10 mins in the video I could not catch my breath and could not keep up. I was sweating like pig already and felt my muscles tense up already. So I switched to the yoga video. It wasn’t as strenuous as the first instructional video but some positions were hard to follow and 20 mins in the exercise my muscles just gave up. XD So in total I was exercising for 30 mins. Not so much but its my first day.

I am going to go back to my hip hop abs routine that made me lose my belly fat 2 years ago. My muscles are sore now but tomorrow I will do my hiphop abs. ahaha.

Do you have any exercise regime that would help a beginner like me? Please tell me. I need it not for losing weight but more of for my health.

’til next post



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