When I was younger I was not an “artist”. Until now I never believed I was good with my hands when it comes to scribbling and drawing but I do like messing around with pens, pencils, and the occasional colored pencils.

I have been very curious in creating web graphics since I was in high school. Maybe because I wanted a custom signature for all those Harry Potter Role-playing sites I joined and also for my past blog (I warn you that blog is full of teenage angst, problems and immaturity).

I started with playing around on MS Paint and then I tried my hands on GIMP because it was a free source software and it was the nearest thing to Photoshop. When I had my hands on my first Photoshop program which was Adobe Photoshop CS. I explored the internet and I was lucky to be in a school that taught us how to use the program. I also had other classmates that had better skills on Photoshop that shared tutorial sites and all resources that can be found on the inter-webs to enhance our acquired skill.

Okay now, I show you some of my first graphics work.


Finishing high school did not stop me to gain more knowledge about using the program in all possible ways. On my free time, I find myself looking at forums and also joining challenge forums to help me with practicing.

Here are some of the works I did in those challenges

Forum Signatures: (click on the circles for full view)

Coloring. Coloring is enhancing the colors in one picture by adjusting some elements in the picture. Click circles for full view.


Colorization is different from Coloring. Colorization is adding color to a black and white or monochromatic picture. Look at that teddy bear. I got that in black and white and yes I colored it just like in coloring books. so there. ๐Ÿ˜€ Click on the circles for the full view of the other graphics. ๐Ÿ˜€


Web Avatar/Icons. Pretty Self explanatory. ๐Ÿ™‚ and its all sets because that used to be the setup when it comes to icon challenges.

Wallpapers/Blending practice. I wasn’t really good at making these type of graphics. Maybe because I don’t like working with big resolutions or a big canvas but here are some of my take on it. (Click to enlarge)

Lately I haven’t been really making wed graphics except for this blog and also some friend’s blogs. I have been expanding my skills to line art in simple Chibi drawings I draw and scan… I noticed practice does help…. just check it out….

I also had a take on simply drawing , lettering or whatever it’s called and manual coloring using crayons…. and here it is…


I just edited it a little bit on photoshop with the vibrance and the exposure but other than that I did all of it with my hands. XD I know I need more practice.I’m trying okay? lol.

Yes, the current banner on this blog is from this picture. As usual I experimented and that is the result. What do you think of my experiment? ๐Ÿ™‚

Using Photoshop is one of the hobbies that I really enjoy doing but was not in anyway related to my chosen career choice. I shared some of my old works to my current works, I hope it would be a way to inspire others to keep on learning and gaining knowledge in something that you love to do even if you know you suck. XD

Ill update this once in a while when I have a new creation. :)))

Always remember don’t give up on something you love to do.