Before the boy knew he could fly (L Reviews#4)

Before I start with the review proper I’d like to say my sorry for making you wait a little bit longer than expected with the movie review I promised but anyways it is here and I am glad and thankful you are still there to read it.

Let’s start? 😀



Okay, lazy ‘ol me would not want to spoil you so much so I would like to share the movie trailer of this said film for your viewing pleasure.


What most people, like me, do not know of is the whole story of Peter Pan. All we know about is the Disney adaptation of the novel. We only know that Captain Hook was the villain to Peter Pan’s Neverland adventures.

In this film, it gave the viewers an idea of what happened before they even met each other. How Peter discovered Neverland and how he met Hook. There was no Wendy or any of the Darlings in sight. It is truly Peter as a boy. He had no idea yet that he will never age and he could fly. All he knew about was that he had a mother and she will return for him and take him away from the grimy orphanage he was living in.


The treatment of the film itself was a typical Warner Bro’s production fantasy film. It actually reminds me of the Harry Potter franchise specifically what they did to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire. Maybe it is just me comparing the ship ride to Neverland scene to the Knight Bus scene as similar and also the Mermaid scence to the Mermaid scene on GOF as weirdly synonymous. As a Potterhead, I am happy that this film turned out this way.

There was no boring scene so viewers can expect their little ones to catch up with the story and understand what is going on. I think that is actually the target audience of the film, children and child at heart.


The most memorable part of the film,for me, is the music they used. It has some comedic twists to it. Specially when it comes to the Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman) scenes. You better listen to it carefully because you might not recognize it at first but some are very popular songs.

The soundtrack of the film is not tacky unlike most film of the same genre. Pan contains a little bit of “theatrical vibe” on their soundtrack.


The actors of the film are to be praised by their wonderful acting. Specially the effort of having to dress their part. Even the production crew should also be admired because of how immaculate the set, costumes, make up, etc. looked. It was also one reason why it was hard to miss any part of the movie.


Unfortunately, the film flopped the box office because it’s release date was the same as the movie the Martian. I think this would have gained better attention and audience had it been released in a different date.

so better grab those DVD/Bluray copies when it comes out because I think this one is going to be another classic.



Being a first time #screenPLAY winner (L Blogs#2 and Reviews#3)

Hey all!

I really want to write a blog post about this mini event in my life but I was too excited to even put it into words last week. I’m so sorry for the 1 week (or is it 2weeks?) lapse on blog posts.

So anyways, what I’m trying to write now is I won myself a pair of tickets to a special screening of the movie “Pan” .

Movie invites to Pan :D

Movie invites to Pan 😀

Winning the tickets

Friday morning,  I was happily browsing my twitter and I read/saw a tweet by 99.5 PLAYfm that asks us to post a picture of something that makes you happy that day and the winner will win a pair of tickets to Pan. I was like “well what the heck might as well try it.” and I really want to watch the movie because of Hugh Jackman (who else?).

I posted a picture of Chico, my cute puppy, and also put in the description the reason why I was happy which is “it’s Friday and I am going to go home and see my puppy and my parents.”

The winning picture

This is the winning picture. I think Chico won because of 100% in the cute  criteria

I told myself that if I win those tickets it’s going to be a good day and it’ll make my week better. Before 9am (I was already preparing to go home) I saw that my phone has a twitter notification that said I won the contest. I literally went out of the bathroom, fully dressed of course, and jumped up and down telling my siblings I won the tickets. I showed them my post and they were so happy for me.Like me, they are avid listeners of Playfm. I was also happy for my first radio show winning experience. I followed the instructions the radio station twitter page tweeted. That day really did went well. 😀 I was actually too excited I typed a digit wrong on my contact details and I had to message it all over again. Then silly ‘ol me asks questions and OK, I was makulit even for myself.

fast Forward to My Screenplay experience

I’m not a fan of taking pictures on events but I might change my mind after a few reviews and blog posts. I want to make my blog posts more personal for all my readers but right now I am socially awkward. Haha.

Back to that day,

We were at the venue 2 hours before the movie starts because I choose to redeem the tickets there (yep, one reason why I really think I am very makulit). My anxiety kind of kicked in when I asked the person at the desk if I could redeem my tickets and she said my name was not on the list but she told me to wait a little because another person has another list and set of tickets. So I did, she (DJ Mandy, I assume) arrived a few minutes before 7.30pm which was when the film will start. I got more anxious when she asked what show I won the tickets from and my mind went blank and I simply said “the morning show” XD

I am so sorry about that. I’m a loyal listener but not good at memorizing segments titles and show names. It is FTIM (First Thing In The Morning). Again I’m so so sorry.

Note to self: Review everything about the shows and DJs before redeeming the tickets.

We found our seats just in time for 2 trailers before the film. The run time of the movie was 2 hrs.Overall the special screening experience was great and if I get lucky, yet again, I would love to repeat the experience over again.  Of course, a different movie. 😀

Thanks to 99.5 PLAYFM for the experience! 

If you guys are looking for a radio station that values music airtime more than DJ exposure then they are the radio station for you. You can tune in to them of course by switching your radio to 99.5 on FM radio and online at their website

I’ll be posting a separate movie review for Pan which I heard flopped because of The Martian but seriously, for me, it’s a must see. More details on the review proper. So please wait for my review 😀 I promise you won’t have to wait so long. :))))

♥ L