Uncharted Territories (WOLM? #22)

I just submitted an email to a reading blog group of an edited version of the blog post I wrote yesterday. I really wanted to share my thoughts to others. I don’t know if they will approve that submission but if it does get published there then all of you will be the first to know.

It’s the first time I tried submitting an essay or article for someone else to read. Of course I had a fair share of essay writing projects during my primary, secondary and even tertiary education but the feeling is different. I am anxious and nervous but excited at the same time. Anxious and nervous because I am not a that good in grammar and that I only write simple English words. Excited because if they do publish it on their site then it is an achievement for me.

Be it published or not. This is a drive for me to enhance and practice my writing skills.

But I still hope they like it the same way as I like writing it. *crosses finger*

Wish me luck.



Anxiety problems (WOLM? #18)

So I am in this dilemma today that I need to get an item for everyone but I am afraid of getting it by myself.

reason #1- I am scared for my security. The area where the meet-up will take place isn’t that friendly. I do not want to get into a robbery trouble or anything similar to that.

reason #2- The meetup time is either too early or too late for me and anyone to be out in that area.

reason #3- I simply am scared to be outside alone in any given time and in places that are far from my “perimeter of safety.”

I am weird, I know. I guess it is time to challenge this anxiety for the betterment of myself and others’ toy collection.


Reading my days away? (WOLM? #15)


I should have a routine book reading hour or day.

I have downloaded countless ebooks and have a handful of books on hand. Some are slightly boring to read. Just like that Dracula sequel I was trying to read and finish but I couldn’t put myself into reading it. (Yes, it was that boring)

Self-help books? The last self-help book I read is “Why men love bitches”


It didn’t really help me that much because I was dealing with a “special” type of man. Either way I think I should re-read

this book again. I might get myself a copy of “Why men marry bitches” I’ll think about th

at very well. I did download some today to help me with my search into finding what would make me feel positive about my life. I will start reading these two:



I know self-help books are only guides and boost into becoming a better person. That’s why its called self-help. You still need to help yourself. haha.




I am actually interested in finding a book that covers depression and anxiety. Do you guys have any reading suggestions?

As I click myself away into finding a site I can get my stashes I stumbled upon the Goodreads free downloads section. I saw this novel/fanfiction based on the Magical world of Harry Potter. It looks to me like a prequel of the JK Rowling bestseller book. It is about James Potter’s own adventures. It is also a book series.

Should I take my time to read this?


What do you guys think? Should I read these books? Do you have any suggestions what I should sink my literary mind into?

‘Til next blog! 😀