Feel Good Weekend (L Blogs #5)

Hey Everyone. I’m sorry I went MIA for the last two days. It’s a very long weekend for me and I tried my best to be out and away from the internet world for a while. I wanted to spend time with my family and my boyfriend.

So I think you already know what this blog post will be about. πŸ˜€

Let me start with Friday πŸ˜€

Flashback and Movie Date Friday

This day started early at around seven o’clock in the morning. My boyfriend called me up and told me he was already on his way to my apartment. I was expecting him later that day but he called and told me to wake up, take a bath and get myself together.

Last Wednesday, I was talking to my dearest High school friend. I asked her if she was okay to meet on Friday morning. She agreed. So I told my bf and he agreed to come with us to my high school campus to get our high school yearbook.

Before we went to the bus terminal we had enough time to go around Quiapo to buy some goods for my bf’s mother. She wanted him to buy mint candies and so we did. What I noticed is he did not have a sense of urgency when we were walking on the busy streets. It is particularly busier on a Friday because Quiapo is home to the famous Black Nazarene who they say performed numerous miracles to those who ask Him for help. I myself have not experience it but I do feel that that is true. When we rode the bus it was already 10 am and my friend already sent in a text telling me that she was near our meet up place.

We did arrive to our destination, late. I later then found out the reason why we were late and that my bf did not have a sense of urgency earlier because his wristwatch was not set on the right timezone. What a great excuse for being late right? :)))

We had lunch and later walked our way to my Alma Mater. When we went inside the campus most of the places we used to go to are already non-existent and replaced by concrete or new facilities. We waited for a while before the stockroom where the yearbooks are to be redeemed opened. After we got our yearbooks, flicked the pages and tried to find our own page. We laughed a bit about everything and remember what we were doing when, why and how some photos were taken.

I will tell you more about how I feel about my yearbook and high school days some other time. It will be a long post. Mind you, it might be a little bit depressing or as some would say… “dramatic” but I promise I won’t forget to share it to you.

After the visit to my old school. Me and my bf made our way to the mall to watch a movie. We were talking about it the day before and he asked me to check if it was showing at that mall. It was. We bought the tickets and rushed our way to watch it. The movie is entitled “13 hours”. It is a true story about the conflict at Libya that was experienced by the USA CIA. I will give you a thorough review about it in the following days. πŸ™‚ Overall, the movie is not what I expected. I thought I would sleep through some parts but it didn’t even bore me at all.

I was tired by the time I got home due to the fact that my bf convinced me to go down a stop when I am not suppose to because we saw my family carΒ  in the traffic we were also in. He did went down when the lady in the bus told him that I was not able to ride the car. Sweet simple gesture. πŸ™‚ Other than those happenings all I remember when I got home was after I cleaned myself up, said hello to my parents and read a little of the book I was reading, is that I went straight to bed and slept all night through.

I didn’t forget it was our 49th month together as a couple. I just didn’t want to say it. I think I know he knew about it but he was waiting for me to say it in his face. I didn’t want to expect anymore, that’s also the reason why I treated it as a normal day. At the end of it, it really wasn’t.I wouldn’t write about it if it was just a normal day. πŸ™‚

Typical Saturdate

I woke up late that Saturday morning. The first thing I thought is to clean the “penthouse”( as what my aunties would call that part of the house.) It was somewhat a guest house and now that the guests are not home there are no people in it. I planned on just staying there to watch a movie, again, with the bf. It is due to the fact that the weather was not so good that day. It was wet and gloomy. After a little “date” in the “penthouse” we found ourselves walking towards the transit area to the mall. We roamed around and I got a chance to buy an item for my dry skin. I might write a review about the item soon but I am still testing it out.

After some time at the mall we headed back home. It is unusual for him to stay that long with me (it was almost 6pm when we said our goodbyes). I can’t complain I wish we could be together longer. I guess he really wanted to stay longer but he couldn’t. I wish it was easy. </3

Sunday Family Day

Around 4 am I woke up and couldn’t sleep so I continued to read the book I was reading. I finished it and I might post a review here about that book. πŸ™‚ What I can say about it is that it was hard to put the book down because of the story.

There was not much that happened today. We went to church in the morning and we cooked lunch. I had fun cooking. We cooked Sinigang na baboy(traditional Filipino pork sour soup), and Calamari. That night I made the calamari into sweet and sour calamari. Thank you, daddy love for the idea. I think my family liked it. That makes me happy as a cook. πŸ˜€

Other than finishing yet another book, cooking for the family and giving the baby dogs a bath I cannot think of anything important that happened to me today.

OH its the Chinese new year/ Spring Festival. So I wish you all Happy Lunar New Year and I wish all your dreams will come true this Monkey year. Stay lucky!



Dreaming of a baby?! (WOLM? #2)

So I do not know how to share this but last night I had this weird but very enlightening dream.

I have a baby! Yes, real life bouncing baby.Β O.O

What was crazier was no father was involved. I mean to say I did not see any father in my dream. It was just me and my sister taking care of my little one but I knew who the father was. I felt this sad presence as I thought of who the father was but happy to see this little bundle of pure joy.

Everything was white even what I was wearing. The baby’s face was “angelic” as what they would say but a normal looking one. At first, the baby was helpless but as time passes the baby grew but I never saw the baby awake. He/she was always asleep in my dream. My dream progresses to the baby being a little 5 year old girl (apparently I had a baby girl in my dream) but still she was sleeping by my side not talking or doing anything else.

When I woke up I felt this surge of guilt and sadness and that I wanted to go back to sleep and see the baby ‘coz I felt happy just looking at it and the fact that I had a baby of my own.

Weird right? just wanted to share.

Have any thoughts about it? does it have a meaning?

β™₯ L