A broken laptop charger, netflix binge watching and slowly reading my TBR pile

What is happening to me lately?

For starters, my dental career is slowly taking over my life. Which is both good and bad, good because I am practicing what I dream of becoming and bad because I have less time for my hobbies.

Laptop charger anomaly

So this problem started a few months ago, one of my dogs decided to chew on my laptop charger while I was sleeping soundly at night. Up until now I cannot find a durable charger that can last me at least a good solid year. 😦

This issue is lightly affecting me because I use my laptop in almost every hobby I do. I use it for writing, for binge watching my netflix series and for conveniently purchasing ebooks on amazon.

I am now in need of a great solution to this problem.

Netflix and melting

It’s the start of summer here in the Philippines, just when I thought i’d have a great time alone in my room watching netflix or reading a book my airconditioner unit decided to stop. My father called the technician and my aircon just needed some cleaning. 😀 yay! But it took almost 2 weeks to finish because they need to do something which also concerns my aircon unit. So, to make it all simple I was sweating like a pig for almost 2weeks while relaxing in my room. Luckily, I was too distracted by the series I was watching to care about the heat.

I just finished Santa Clarita Diet season 1 and season 2 of Lemony Snicket’s Unfortunate Events. In the reality tv section, I binge watched Ru Paul’s drag race season 8. I’ve also had a throwback day where I watch Sleepless in Seattle.

Netflix and melting indeed!

My TBR pile

My TBR pile is literally a pile right now. I have set my Reading Challenge on Goodreads at 14 books this year and I am feeling pessimistic about finishing 14 books this year.

I have gobbled up 5 books as of now. (Get is gobbled and digest? Haha)

I am currently reading Turtles All The Way Down by John Green.

I am actually looking for a book club I can read with. I am not successful in this little life quest I have. I want to make new friends and open up new connections. If any of you have suggestions, it would be greatly helpful. 🙂

Basically, that is what is happening to me lately. Boring right? Very normal. Haha.


‘Til next boring post!





Experiments,R-16 film, Late night cheering up and Totally Silent Vday (L Blogs#6 and Vlogs#5)

Belated Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! I hope your Valentines weekend is full of love and you shared your love to everyone who deserves it. 😀

Experimental Vlog

I always spend my  weekends at my province, Cavite.While I was editing my last youtube video, I found this “cute” music that I can not help myself from listening to over and over again. I pictured a  travel vlog or just a “going home” vlog and my sister was not going home so it was a perfect time to make one so that she could still see our little puppies.

Did that make you smile? I hope it did. 😀

It’s my first try in filming, editing and making this kind of videos.I do not have those special cameras for anything like this and I only used an iPad mini and my android phone. So I am so sorry if some of the parts are low quality and dark. I think I want to make some more soon, when I get the chance and adventure to do so.

Deadpool Movie Date

Saturdays are always spent with my bf. I asked him for a movie date for valentines day. I didn’t get him anything, I didn’t think I needed to do so. IMHO, It’s always valentines day for him almost everyday that I am with him. We all know I tend to be the “crazy in love” one in this relationship.


The movie was rated R-16, we were behind two teenage boys trying to buy some tickets and the cashier told them they cannot sell them the tickets due to the content of the film. I only knew why they were very strict about selling the tickets when we were already watching the movie. Deadpool was full of sexual puns and other “dirty” languages that I don’t think the 13-15 years old me can handle well.

After the movie we decided to walk home, it was a long walk home. I was actually not feeling well that day but I survived the walk ; some occasional stops at the town center to look around and just hang around at made it easier for me. We ate a simple dinner/merienda at the local “goto” (rice porridge) place near the catholic church and after that we proceeded to walk home. It was a nice day. 🙂 Simple Valentines celebration but I will remember it. I always do.

Late night depression attack

When I got home I took the time to take care of myself physically by taking a long warm bath and then cozy myself up into reading a book on my bed in preparation for my sleep. I fell asleep after a few pages of the novel and when I woke up it was already 10pm. As hard as I try I could not go back to sleep. I never thought that dose of caffeine I had a day ago would mess my sleep pattern up this badly. I then decided to browse the internet and check my emails.

One thing lead to another and the next thing I knew I was rummaging my sent emails. I went as far as year 2007. I do admit those years were far better than these past few years. I had a life. A life anyone would probably envy or wish for themselves but as I go further into the years I noticed stupid actions, not so good words exchanged and some regretful replies.

I received a card from my bf and I read it earlier. It was suppose to make me happy but I admit I feel like I am more defeated than ever (that’s also the reason why I decided to snooze a bit.) I never thought I actually messed up my own life in all it’s sides/aspects. I totally messed up and I can’t think of a way to make it better now than it was before. I wish I could but I am feeling hopeless already.

I sent a text message to my bf to thank him for the gift and day, to wish him a good day for the next day and also to tell him I am not feeling well emotionally. I was not expecting a reply from him anymore. It was past 11pm already and I know after our “date” me-time is commenced by both parties. He called me up, it was a nice gesture. I think he just didn’t want me to feel so lonely during the day that was coming. He knows I don’t like it maybe because that particular occasion didn’t really have good memories for me. I appreciated his ways of cheering me up by singing and joking around. He didn’t want me to cry the valentines day away in my room. (which I was planning sans the crying part.)

That was the highlight of my 2016 Valentines day: vulgar languages, throwback regrets and sweet late night smiles and cheering up. It was well and until now as I write this entry I couldn’t help my emotions take over, a smile here and maybe an occasional sigh of regret but I know I will remember this day.

A normal day


It seems like February 14 is something that Filipinos are very crazy about. The day after the Chinese new year all those Valentines day merchandise are already selling like hotcakes at the sidewalks and malls. I myself never celebrated it with someone special. It was typically a normal day for me. I do get occasional roses, balloons or chocolates from people who are assigned to do so and some from my special someone but I usually spend the day alone and minding my own business.

I have no other plans but to stay at home and rest. I was not feeling so well physically and emotionally the night before, I did get over the emotional part but my body was not participating with me that day. I planned to go to church and shop with my mother at the local supermarket but I woke up with a massive headache, so my mother just gave me meds for it and left for church. I was not feeling well about that decision. I wish I could have gone with them but I guess my head decided for me. I woke up fairly late, ate some breakfast and took the meds my mother gave me earlier. I was feeling better so I decided to give all our puppies a bath, after a few minutes my mother arrived with my cousins. The little ones greeted me happy valentines day and I simply smiled and let them play with the dogs.

It was just a normal Sunday family day. We had lunch together and after that we minded our own businesses; which for me consists of reading, chatting with our nanny, cooking, sleeping and watching some YouTube videos or TV. We had dinner together and they liked what I cooked for them. It wasn’t special, it was just pork chops and fried chicken. I guess it is my family’s way of saying they appreciate me and what I do for them. After dinner I was already feeling light headed so I went straight to my room and waited for Mr. Sandman to prompt me to sleep.

Nothing special happened to me that day, as expected.

So how was your valentines weekend? I hope you had a memorable one worth sharing and writing about. 🙂

‘Til next post




Feel Good Weekend (L Blogs #5)

Hey Everyone. I’m sorry I went MIA for the last two days. It’s a very long weekend for me and I tried my best to be out and away from the internet world for a while. I wanted to spend time with my family and my boyfriend.

So I think you already know what this blog post will be about. 😀

Let me start with Friday 😀

Flashback and Movie Date Friday

This day started early at around seven o’clock in the morning. My boyfriend called me up and told me he was already on his way to my apartment. I was expecting him later that day but he called and told me to wake up, take a bath and get myself together.

Last Wednesday, I was talking to my dearest High school friend. I asked her if she was okay to meet on Friday morning. She agreed. So I told my bf and he agreed to come with us to my high school campus to get our high school yearbook.

Before we went to the bus terminal we had enough time to go around Quiapo to buy some goods for my bf’s mother. She wanted him to buy mint candies and so we did. What I noticed is he did not have a sense of urgency when we were walking on the busy streets. It is particularly busier on a Friday because Quiapo is home to the famous Black Nazarene who they say performed numerous miracles to those who ask Him for help. I myself have not experience it but I do feel that that is true. When we rode the bus it was already 10 am and my friend already sent in a text telling me that she was near our meet up place.

We did arrive to our destination, late. I later then found out the reason why we were late and that my bf did not have a sense of urgency earlier because his wristwatch was not set on the right timezone. What a great excuse for being late right? :)))

We had lunch and later walked our way to my Alma Mater. When we went inside the campus most of the places we used to go to are already non-existent and replaced by concrete or new facilities. We waited for a while before the stockroom where the yearbooks are to be redeemed opened. After we got our yearbooks, flicked the pages and tried to find our own page. We laughed a bit about everything and remember what we were doing when, why and how some photos were taken.

I will tell you more about how I feel about my yearbook and high school days some other time. It will be a long post. Mind you, it might be a little bit depressing or as some would say… “dramatic” but I promise I won’t forget to share it to you.

After the visit to my old school. Me and my bf made our way to the mall to watch a movie. We were talking about it the day before and he asked me to check if it was showing at that mall. It was. We bought the tickets and rushed our way to watch it. The movie is entitled “13 hours”. It is a true story about the conflict at Libya that was experienced by the USA CIA. I will give you a thorough review about it in the following days. 🙂 Overall, the movie is not what I expected. I thought I would sleep through some parts but it didn’t even bore me at all.

I was tired by the time I got home due to the fact that my bf convinced me to go down a stop when I am not suppose to because we saw my family car  in the traffic we were also in. He did went down when the lady in the bus told him that I was not able to ride the car. Sweet simple gesture. 🙂 Other than those happenings all I remember when I got home was after I cleaned myself up, said hello to my parents and read a little of the book I was reading, is that I went straight to bed and slept all night through.

I didn’t forget it was our 49th month together as a couple. I just didn’t want to say it. I think I know he knew about it but he was waiting for me to say it in his face. I didn’t want to expect anymore, that’s also the reason why I treated it as a normal day. At the end of it, it really wasn’t.I wouldn’t write about it if it was just a normal day. 🙂

Typical Saturdate

I woke up late that Saturday morning. The first thing I thought is to clean the “penthouse”( as what my aunties would call that part of the house.) It was somewhat a guest house and now that the guests are not home there are no people in it. I planned on just staying there to watch a movie, again, with the bf. It is due to the fact that the weather was not so good that day. It was wet and gloomy. After a little “date” in the “penthouse” we found ourselves walking towards the transit area to the mall. We roamed around and I got a chance to buy an item for my dry skin. I might write a review about the item soon but I am still testing it out.

After some time at the mall we headed back home. It is unusual for him to stay that long with me (it was almost 6pm when we said our goodbyes). I can’t complain I wish we could be together longer. I guess he really wanted to stay longer but he couldn’t. I wish it was easy. </3

Sunday Family Day

Around 4 am I woke up and couldn’t sleep so I continued to read the book I was reading. I finished it and I might post a review here about that book. 🙂 What I can say about it is that it was hard to put the book down because of the story.

There was not much that happened today. We went to church in the morning and we cooked lunch. I had fun cooking. We cooked Sinigang na baboy(traditional Filipino pork sour soup), and Calamari. That night I made the calamari into sweet and sour calamari. Thank you, daddy love for the idea. I think my family liked it. That makes me happy as a cook. 😀

Other than finishing yet another book, cooking for the family and giving the baby dogs a bath I cannot think of anything important that happened to me today.

OH its the Chinese new year/ Spring Festival. So I wish you all Happy Lunar New Year and I wish all your dreams will come true this Monkey year. Stay lucky!


Eerie sounds, heavy rain and an earthquake (L Blogs#3 and WOLM #3)

Hey all!

If you follow me on twitter I have mentioned a phenomenon that was something to blog about  I was actually hesitant to write about this because its not really that important but awareness and means to help will be brought up as this post progresses.

Let me start my story

Monday morning.

I was at Cavite that morning. The weather actually looked better than the previous day which was just very gloomy, rainy and wet. Even our little puppies were gloomy and wet.

my chico all wet outside

my Chico all wet outside 😦

Me and my sister decided to go back to Manila around 3 pm and so we did. After we settled down I decided to go out.

I am gonna skip that going out part and fast forward to

On my way home

I was walking at the streets around my apartment and this baranggay had its loud speakers on. The “tin can” quality of the sounds made it hard for me to understand what was being played and I thought it was simply safety reminders on repeat. As I listened to it carefully and slowly walked home i clearly heard that it was the residents praying the rosary. I did not know but maybe it was just the cold breeze or maybe the dark environment that made the feeling of being at the area eerie.

A call for God’s Mercy?

As I was about to take a turn to go home I asked myself why do people just pray in times of need? Why do they not do it everyday or when they are blessed and happy? Why do they pray more when they need something? One reason why I’m losing my faith in humanity. I am not religious but I was taught differently about how praying works.


So I got home, fixed my bed and was about to go to sleep when I felt nauseous. At first I thought it was just me but when I asked my siblings if it was an earthquake or I am feeling dizzy my sister told me its an earthquake. It lasted for about 10 seconds ( I assume). I kind of got scared and dizzy but i was leaning more into the dizzy part. I looked out the window to check if the people outside but they were just doing their normal activities like nothing happened. My sister then jokingly told me to just check my twitter account because she is sure someone or most of the people I follow will post that they felt the earthquake. I laughed and retreated to my bed worried that maybe another earthquake might occur while I am sleeping.

Take note of what to do during earthquakes 

  • DROP oneself to the floor  ,COVER your head by going under a sturdy table or object and HOLD ON
  • I do believe in the “Triangle of life” if near a wall or high object squat or do the embryo position near these objects but it is only a theory so do it if you have no other choice or have nothing to go under to.
  • Do not block doorways so as to quickly evacuate after the shaking is gone.
  • After the shaking is gone calmly leave the building or your house and go to the nearest open space for safety because there is always the risk of strong aftershocks after the initial shaking.

A day worth remembering

Gaia/ Mother Nature made the Philippines feel her presence. There was no major harm done in my area but the Northern part of Luzon was struck tremendously by the typhoon. If you want to help you can donate or lend a helping hand at

Philippine Red Cross : http://www.redcross.org.ph/

or check the local TV networks’ charity foundations. I do not want to name all of them but I think most of you know most of those foundations.

If in need of help these are the emergency numbers


I hope these things help. 😀 and ’til next post!

Stay safe Philippines. Stay Strong PH!

There’s always a rainbow after the storm (well in our case typhoon)  😀