the answer is no. (WOLM? #20)

by this time you are probably sweating yourself out in some form of exercise.

I am feeling lonely. I feel far away from you now. When we are apart i feel like you are farther than Brazil. I don’t like this feeling.

Can you please help me make it go away.



What to vlog about? (WOLM? #17)

I did made a commitment to post once a day on my blog but what I noticed in the stats I have it said I have more readers and viewers when I do a vlog. Does that mean I should do vlogging more than simple blogging?

Wouldn’t be that against the reason why I made this blog?

I do want to reach a larger audience when it comes to my reviews but I know what I am passionate about is writing.

I am fairly confused about this.

I have a big decision to make about this.