LSS week #6 and Short Blog Update (L blogs# 13)

My blog has been quiet last week and I am very sorry about that. I just started my first week on my summer job and I didn’t have the energy to write because I wake up early and get home around 5pm. I am also focusing on spending my summer as far away from the internet world and more with my family and love ones.

So how’s your summer going? OH it’s summer here on my side of the globe and it is very very HOOOOT!

Sooo without further a-do I give you my week 6 song pick 🙂

This song is somewhat overplayed on my preferred radio station and it really is one of the songs that gives me a last song syndrome.

Song Title: Secret Love Song

Artist: Little Mix fest. Jason Derulo


Enjoyed the song?

I hope to update more this week, I have something that I want to review and also my weekly weekend adventure blog. 🙂

I also have a scribble in store for everyone. I hope to share it soon. 😀

Oh and bookbed has this activity open for everyone and I want to share it to you. I will update you on it on a separate blog post due tomorrow. (I am writing it after I finish this post.XD)

Have a great week!




LSS(week #5)

I have been watching this Korean series entitled “Twenty Again”  and this week’s LSS is from the OST of this series. 🙂

The video I put up has English lyrics because I also don’t understand the Korean language and I know some of you want to know the meaning or what the song is about.

Song Title: 오유야유 Oh You Yeah You

Artist: Yoo Sung Eun (유성은)

Happy listening!


LSS (week 4 )

I first heard this on the radio and thought it had a decent airplay here in the Philippines and I just found out my classic man don’t even know about it. This deserves more airtime on Filipino radio.

I heard this for the second time on NBA all-star weekend. I forgot which NBA player had this as his “intro” music for the slam dunk/ or whatever event that was contest and it still got stuck in my head for a day or two. XD

Song Title: Classic Man

Artist: Jidenna ft. Roman GianArthur