A broken laptop charger, netflix binge watching and slowly reading my TBR pile

What is happening to me lately?

For starters, my dental career is slowly taking over my life. Which is both good and bad, good because I am practicing what I dream of becoming and bad because I have less time for my hobbies.

Laptop charger anomaly

So this problem started a few months ago, one of my dogs decided to chew on my laptop charger while I was sleeping soundly at night. Up until now I cannot find a durable charger that can last me at least a good solid year. 😦

This issue is lightly affecting me because I use my laptop in almost every hobby I do. I use it for writing, for binge watching my netflix series and for conveniently purchasing ebooks on amazon.

I am now in need of a great solution to this problem.

Netflix and melting

It’s the start of summer here in the Philippines, just when I thought i’d have a great time alone in my room watching netflix or reading a book my airconditioner unit decided to stop. My father called the technician and my aircon just needed some cleaning. 😀 yay! But it took almost 2 weeks to finish because they need to do something which also concerns my aircon unit. So, to make it all simple I was sweating like a pig for almost 2weeks while relaxing in my room. Luckily, I was too distracted by the series I was watching to care about the heat.

I just finished Santa Clarita Diet season 1 and season 2 of Lemony Snicket’s Unfortunate Events. In the reality tv section, I binge watched Ru Paul’s drag race season 8. I’ve also had a throwback day where I watch Sleepless in Seattle.

Netflix and melting indeed!

My TBR pile

My TBR pile is literally a pile right now. I have set my Reading Challenge on Goodreads at 14 books this year and I am feeling pessimistic about finishing 14 books this year.

I have gobbled up 5 books as of now. (Get is gobbled and digest? Haha)

I am currently reading Turtles All The Way Down by John Green.

I am actually looking for a book club I can read with. I am not successful in this little life quest I have. I want to make new friends and open up new connections. If any of you have suggestions, it would be greatly helpful. 🙂

Basically, that is what is happening to me lately. Boring right? Very normal. Haha.


‘Til next boring post!





Bring it on, 2017!

Hello anyone out there!


I am so sorry to be MIA these past few weeks after my last post.

Did you enjoy reading that review? I hope I made you consider reading that book for this new year. 🙂

Thankful for a blessed 2016

I have read so many post on facebook about what everybody is thankful for last 2016 and I also do a similar way of thanking everyone every year on my tumblr and my previous blog. This year is not an exception, so brace yourself because this might be a really long blog post.

First and foremost, I would like to thank God for giving me another year to live on earth. For guiding me to the right path and for giving me strength to conquer all of life’s challenges. I know I will not be in this position in my life without Him.

I thank my family for encouraging me to fight and finish what I started. I couldn’t have done it without all their pushing and cheering for me to pass the written board exam and up until this moment they are rooting for me and my success for the practical phase. My success is and will be their success as well.

To my friends and new found friends, I thank you for giving a little space in your heart for little ‘ol me. I know I have a whole lot of mistakes to some of you but I am still thankful that you choose me to be part of your lives.

I will specifically mention these people…

Marj.  My high school best friend and my laotong. Thank you for keeping up with me and my dramas and emotional instabilities. You truly deserve all the blessings you have received during the past year. Thank you for supporting me in whatever the hell I put myself into with my life. I wish that you will have more blessings and success this 2017. Never forget that your laotong, Lucille will always be here for you through thick or thin, ups and downs and in any situation you also get yourself into. See you soon! 🙂

To my dear boyfriend, Thank you for staying despite all the unlucky events that bombarded you last year. I know it is not easy to keep up with personal problems together with a very moody and sensitive girlfriend. Thank you for trying your best to lift my spirits up whenever I feel down. I know I sometimes forget that you need me more than I needed you last year. I will do my best to be a better girlfriend for you this 2017.

Bookbed , KB , Allana and my booktungan batch 1 groupmates,  I know I may be too enthusiastic (borderline annoying) but you all tried your best to make me feel like I belong to your group. Thank you for the opportunity to share what I write through your website. I feel very blessed to have met all of you. Without this little confidence that this organization and booktungan gave me, I do not know if I would be able to express myself through writing. Thank you for opening up a new section in my life that I sincerely enjoy being part of.  I owe a whole lot to Bookbed and I hope to work and help you more in spreading your #ReadingNation campaign this 2017. 😀

Challenging Start for a new year

This first week of January will be a big turning point in my career as a budding dentist. It will be my practical exams and I am anxious already. These past few days, my dominant hand is showing signs of an early manifestation of Carpal Tunnel syndrome (this is what my sister told me). I am currently taking pain relievers whenever I feel pain and I was also prescribed an ointment to soothe the pain and stiffness that I feel.

I am still awaiting my next move in the #YAI2017 project and I am eager to start my story once it is approved and all set to go. I hope what I submitted is worth reading.

My best friend started her new year by trying her writing prowess on a flash fiction activity that she has on her IG account. I actually want to do a similar project of writing everyday. I might start it after I am done with my board exam and it will either be posted on this blog or kept privately until I feel it is all good to show all of you.

They say to become a better writer one must write more, and I do think that is correct. I hope to share more stories with all of you this year.

Okay, enough blabbing! I want to wish you all a Happy, blessed and prosperous new year. Thank you for sticking around and reading this long post.



Eerie sounds, heavy rain and an earthquake (L Blogs#3 and WOLM #3)

Hey all!

If you follow me on twitter I have mentioned a phenomenon that was something to blog about  I was actually hesitant to write about this because its not really that important but awareness and means to help will be brought up as this post progresses.

Let me start my story

Monday morning.

I was at Cavite that morning. The weather actually looked better than the previous day which was just very gloomy, rainy and wet. Even our little puppies were gloomy and wet.

my chico all wet outside

my Chico all wet outside 😦

Me and my sister decided to go back to Manila around 3 pm and so we did. After we settled down I decided to go out.

I am gonna skip that going out part and fast forward to

On my way home

I was walking at the streets around my apartment and this baranggay had its loud speakers on. The “tin can” quality of the sounds made it hard for me to understand what was being played and I thought it was simply safety reminders on repeat. As I listened to it carefully and slowly walked home i clearly heard that it was the residents praying the rosary. I did not know but maybe it was just the cold breeze or maybe the dark environment that made the feeling of being at the area eerie.

A call for God’s Mercy?

As I was about to take a turn to go home I asked myself why do people just pray in times of need? Why do they not do it everyday or when they are blessed and happy? Why do they pray more when they need something? One reason why I’m losing my faith in humanity. I am not religious but I was taught differently about how praying works.


So I got home, fixed my bed and was about to go to sleep when I felt nauseous. At first I thought it was just me but when I asked my siblings if it was an earthquake or I am feeling dizzy my sister told me its an earthquake. It lasted for about 10 seconds ( I assume). I kind of got scared and dizzy but i was leaning more into the dizzy part. I looked out the window to check if the people outside but they were just doing their normal activities like nothing happened. My sister then jokingly told me to just check my twitter account because she is sure someone or most of the people I follow will post that they felt the earthquake. I laughed and retreated to my bed worried that maybe another earthquake might occur while I am sleeping.

Take note of what to do during earthquakes 

  • DROP oneself to the floor  ,COVER your head by going under a sturdy table or object and HOLD ON
  • I do believe in the “Triangle of life” if near a wall or high object squat or do the embryo position near these objects but it is only a theory so do it if you have no other choice or have nothing to go under to.
  • Do not block doorways so as to quickly evacuate after the shaking is gone.
  • After the shaking is gone calmly leave the building or your house and go to the nearest open space for safety because there is always the risk of strong aftershocks after the initial shaking.

A day worth remembering

Gaia/ Mother Nature made the Philippines feel her presence. There was no major harm done in my area but the Northern part of Luzon was struck tremendously by the typhoon. If you want to help you can donate or lend a helping hand at

Philippine Red Cross : http://www.redcross.org.ph/

or check the local TV networks’ charity foundations. I do not want to name all of them but I think most of you know most of those foundations.

If in need of help these are the emergency numbers


I hope these things help. 😀 and ’til next post!

Stay safe Philippines. Stay Strong PH!

There’s always a rainbow after the storm (well in our case typhoon)  😀